Why you should be worried about your 16.5-inch laptop getting hacked

Why should you take precautions to keep your laptop secure?

That’s what experts have been asking as more and more laptops are getting hacked.

The latest is a 16.4-inch MacBook Pro laptop that was hacked.

More: Here are the best 16.9-inch laptops for 2016 article The hackers who stole the laptop reportedly used a program called Backdoor.

It’s a tool that lets hackers steal data from a computer.

A lot of laptops are compromised because people have been using their laptops as their personal devices.

So, when you use a laptop as a personal device, there is a chance someone could hack your computer and gain access to your files and data.

The hackers also reportedly used the program to steal passwords.

They took over the computer by compromising the password.

When the hackers were done, they took some of the data, such as photos, videos and music, and gave it to law enforcement.

It’s not clear who is responsible for the hack.

It could have been someone from the local police department, or a criminal.

But even if you’re not the victim of a crime, you should keep your data safe.

That’s because there are security features that make it harder for someone to steal your data.

For instance, there’s a way to block access to a computer’s web interface if you don’t have a password.

There are also settings to lock down the computer and prevent people from accessing your files.

You can also limit the amount of time someone can access your computer.

If you’re a business, that could help prevent a hacker from stealing your data and your company from getting hacked in the future.

In the end, it’s not just the individual who needs to take steps to protect their data, but the company as a whole.

That’s why security experts are asking you to take these steps.

Here are some of them:Read or Share this story: http://usat.ly/1n5r3hW

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