Which Lenovo laptop should you buy?

Lenovo’s laptops are a staple in the consumer world.

The company’s new ThinkPad X1 Carbon is a serious contender in this market, and the company has made a habit of making some seriously affordable laptops.

But a few months back, we were shocked to discover that Lenovo was actually selling a laptop with a very cheap $300 price tag, and that it was only available for preorder in Walmart stores. 

We reached out to Lenovo, and they responded with a short statement, stating that Lenovo is “currently in talks with Walmart” about making the laptop available to Walmart customers.

This means the laptop is available only in Walmart locations, and we don’t know when this will be happening.

But we did find that it’s currently listed for $300 on Lenovo’s online store, which we think is reasonable. 

The company’s statement doesn’t address the question of whether the laptop can be bought in Walmart or not.

It doesn’t say if the laptop will be available at the retail outlet, but the laptop’s listing does state that the laptop “is currently in talks” with Walmart to make it available.

We’ve reached out for clarification about this, but Lenovo’s response to us hasn’t changed since we first reported the laptop.

Lenovo hasn’t responded to our request for comment on the laptop, and it’s still not clear whether the company plans to release the laptop at Walmart or sell it elsewhere. 

One thing that is clear is that the Lenovo ThinkPad 8300 will not be available for purchase in Walmart.

We can’t imagine Walmart selling the ThinkPad without a pre-order date, and Lenovo’s own product listing suggests the laptop may not be ready for sale for some time.

But even if Walmart does ship the ThinkPads, they will likely be far too expensive to sell for Walmart’s price, as the company’s pricing scheme is designed to discourage people from buying Lenovo laptops that are cheap.

We have reached out again to Lenovo for comment and will update this article if we hear back.

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