Which Chromebook laptop is best?

A new study has found that Chromebooks are generally considered to be better value than comparable laptop systems.

The study, conducted by the University of Pennsylvania and the University at Buffalo, looked at the “best laptops” offered by major manufacturers and found that there were more Chromebooks for $600-$800 than there were for the same price in the same category of similar laptops. 

The study found that the Dell Chromebook 11 and Samsung Chromebook 11 were among the most valuable laptops on the market, while the Acer Chromebook 13 and Lenovo Yoga 13 were also among the best value laptops.

The study also looked at whether there were any Chromebooks that were the best performing laptops.

The results found that only one Chromebook scored higher than its closest competitor in the notebook category, the Lenovo Yoga 14, and it scored the lowest in the gaming category.

The study concludes by recommending a Chromebook as the best computer for students, teachers, and employees.

The report also recommends that Chromebook users check out the Chromebook laptop reviews, especially when they have a budget.