When you need a battery for your laptop, Dell says you need an LG-made one

The Washington Post article Dell announced last month that it will begin selling a laptop battery in three new colors, LG’s LG-based ZR-2, LG-designed ZR4 and LG-branded ZR5.

Dell will also begin selling the LG-built ZR6 in July.

The battery will have a capacity of 20W and it’s available in four sizes, from 10W to 50W.

Dell said the battery is made by LG’s manufacturing division and will include a lithium polymer battery with an electrolyte and nickel cadmium battery cells.

It will also include a Li-ion battery with a lithium-ion polymer battery and an electrolytically-charged lithium-polymer battery.

The company also announced that it plans to release a battery with the same capacity in 2020.

A Dell spokeswoman declined to comment on pricing or availability.

LG did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In the coming months, Dell plans to introduce the LG battery in five different colors.

The batteries are available starting at $5,999, with pricing expected to start at $15,999.

The Dell battery will also be available with the following colors: white, red, purple, yellow and blue.

The LG battery will be available starting in 2019 at $20,000, and the LG ZR battery will start at around $30,000.

The new batteries come with a one-year warranty, according to the company.

The ZR batteries are made by a division of LG Electronics, which manufactures the company’s popular OLED TVs and other products.

The companies first-quarter profit for the year was $2.8 billion, compared to $4.5 billion for the same period last year, according the company blog.

Dell is also selling its PowerEdge XPS 11 notebook, which it unveiled last month.

Dell’s new ZR and ZR+ notebooks will be priced starting at around the same price point, with the ZR2 starting at between $9,999 and $15 and the ZRs starting at about $20.

Both ZR notebooks have a 15-inch display and a Core i5 processor.

Dell also is selling the ZP9 notebook, a laptop-style tablet with a 13-inch screen.

Dell declined to say how many ZP notebooks will have the tablet-like design.

The firm said it is looking to launch tablets with Android in the near future.

Dell did not disclose pricing for the ZPs.

The devices are available for preorder now.

Dell CEO Karen Handel said the new batteries will be made by two of the company�s manufacturing partners, LG Chem and LG Electronics.

The laptops are expected to be available sometime in the third quarter.

The latest battery news came as Dell was selling a $20 laptop battery to Amazon for $3,499, the company said.

The laptop battery has a capacity ranging from 8W to 60W.

A customer can use the battery with any laptop, from the entry-level MacBook Pro to the higher-end XPS 15, Dell said.

Dell has not yet released pricing for its new batteries.

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