When the NFL and the NFLPA settle on a new contract for 2018

The NFL and NFLPA have agreed to a contract that will pay $9 million per year in raises to the players who are among the highest paid in the league.

The deal includes the highest amount of raises for players who have won Super Bowl MVP honors in each of the past three seasons.

It also includes a $100,000 signing bonus for players that reach the Pro Bowl.

The agreement, which was reached last week, is the first major contract settlement in the wake of the Deflategate scandal that led to the NFL, the NFL Players Association and several of its teams losing the 2017 season.

Here’s how it works: Players get a one-year bump from their 2016 salaries for the first time in five years.

The new deal will take effect on Dec. 1.

The players have the right to challenge the increase, which is what some owners did this offseason, if they feel the increase is excessive.

The owners would then vote on the deal on Dec 12.

Under the new agreement, the players are guaranteed to be paid the same as their 2016 salary, with a $9,000 bonus.

They also will receive a $50,000 raise in the first year of the deal, $100 for each of their first three years and a $125,000 hike in the fourth year.

The minimum salary for a first-time Super Bowl winner is $1.3 million.

The maximum amount the NFL can offer a player is $9.8 million, which means the minimum is $8 million.

Under a similar deal the last time a league team had a salary cap in effect in 2017, the minimum was $7.5 million.

Here are some key points about the new deal: The deal is $10 million higher than the average annual raise in each team’s salary cap, per ESPN’s Brian Billick.

That raises the cap to $65 million.

But it’s not as much as other recent NFL contracts have been.

Under this deal, the cap has been around $69 million in each year since the start of the NFL’s 2017 season, according to ESPN.

The cap will be roughly $54 million this season.

That’s a bit higher than what other recent contracts have paid.

The total raises are roughly $966,000.

That represents a $10,000 increase in each salary for the next two seasons.

That increases to $1,898,000 for the 2017 and 2018 seasons.

The average raises per team are $1 million.

For the 2018 and 2019 seasons, the average raises were $876,000 and $1m, respectively.

The increases for the 2018-19 seasons are $3.8m and $3m, according, per Pro Football Talk.

That gives the average raise for the 10 NFL teams in the NFL to $4.1 million per team.

That comes out to a salary for each team of $1 billion, according Pro Football Reference.

Here is a breakdown of the salary cap numbers: NFL Players Salary Cap ($65 million) 2017: $69.1M 2018: $73.3M 2019: $75.5M Average raises per NFL team: $967,000 2017:$9.7M 2018 $8.8M 2019 $7m Average raises for each NFL team in 2017:N/A 2018 $969,000 2019 $1M Average salaries per NFL Team: $872,000 $3M $3 million over the cap (2017)$3.2 million $1 $4 million over cap (2018) $1 Million $3 billion (2017 – 2019)$1.2M $2.1 Million (2018 – 2019 )$1 million $5 million (2017, 2019, 2020) $946,000 (2017-2019) $5.3 Million (2017 $976,300, 2019 $4,066,500, 2020 $3,734,100) $2,972,100 (2017 & 2018 $442,100, 2019:$2.5 Million $1 M $4 Million $2 million (2018 $1B, 2019 – 2020)$874,300 (2017: $1 Billion $1 B, 2019-2020)$5.4 Million (2016 $869,300) $4 Billion $3 Billion (2017 / 2018 $2B, 2020 – 2021)$715,000 2018 $1b Billion (2019-2020 $2 Billion)$2,732,300 2019 $2 Million $926,100 2020 $2M+ $1+ $2+ $3+ $6+ (2017 – 2020)2018 $847,300 $2 billion (2018: $2 B, 2021-2022)$6,845,000 2020 $6 Billion $6 billion (2016 – 2019) $3B $1-2B $4

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