When is your iPad coming to Amazon?

With the launch of its tablet line in the fall, Amazon is poised to dominate the tablet market, analysts say.

But the tech titan’s new Kindle Fire tablet has been a hit with consumers, and analysts say Amazon could see some resistance to its new tablet lines if consumers don’t like the idea of getting a Kindle Fire.

In a note to clients Tuesday, Barclays analyst Richard Weng said he thinks the Kindle Fire will be a hit.

He estimates Amazon will make $4.2 billion on the device this year.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is a tablet that comes in two versions: the $199 Kindle Fire HD and the $299 Kindle Fire Pro, which is identical to the $329 Kindle Fire, except the Fire Pro comes with a stylus.

Weng said the tablet’s size is a major selling point for Amazon, which hopes to appeal to consumers with a tablet with a screen that can be extended for a wider viewing area and a stylable keyboard.

“It’s the most interesting tablet we’ve seen yet, but it also has a lot of room for improvement,” Weng wrote.

“If you look at the competition, we have a lot to learn from the competition.”

Weng says Amazon’s tablet line could become a big seller with its current-generation devices, which typically sell for $399 to $399.99.

But if Amazon is successful in selling the Kindle line, he said he could see a “tipping point” in the price of the iPad and Kindle lines.

The company’s new tablets are expected to sell for more than $400, which Weng thinks could push iPad sales higher than ever.

The analyst also raised concerns about Amazon’s ability to keep up with the competition in the tablet space.

He noted that Amazon has already surpassed the market leader in tablet shipments, Lenovo, with over 5 million tablets shipped to customers since it launched its tablet division in 2014.

He also noted that the Kindle tablet is currently the fastest-selling tablet on Amazon, with sales outpacing that of the Apple iPad Pro, the iPad Air 2 and the Kindle Voyage.