When is the next iPad sale?

Walmart announced its newest iPad sale on Monday, but the company is still not ready to discuss its iPad lineup beyond the upcoming 8.9-inch iPad Pro.

While Apple’s next-generation iPad is set to be released in September, a Walmart spokesperson said on Monday that the company has no further announcements regarding the next-gen iPad, nor will it discuss future pricing plans for the iPad.

The next-quarter Apple Watch release is set for Sept. 12, and it’s possible the company could start selling the wearable soon.

While there’s no firm confirmation that the next Apple Watch is going to be a $200, $400, or $500 model, we’ve seen rumors that it’s likely to cost between $500 and $700.

Walmart’s next iPad lineup will likely include a new model of the 8.99-inch Retina iPad Pro, which was released last week.

Apple announced its new iPad lineup in May, but we’re still not sure when the next generation will arrive.

In October, Apple’s executive vice president of product management Michael Dell said the company planned to launch its new tablet in September or October, but didn’t give a date.

The iPad Pro is also currently in development, but Dell has also said that the tablet will not be ready for consumers until the second quarter of 2020.