What to know about the Surface Book (3rd Gen) in 2018

When Microsoft launched the Surface 3, the company said it wanted to create a “comfortable, seamless, portable, and powerful device”.

But as it turns out, it’s the tablet that’s the most important part of the device.

The Surface Book 3 is Microsoft’s first laptop that’s not only powerful, but also extremely thin.

The company says it took a look at the Surface RT and found the laptop was “a natural fit” for the new Surface Pro, which it describes as a “great entry-level tablet”.

Here’s what you need to know: It’s not as thin as you might expect A look at what the Surface Pro is like on paper (Image: Microsoft) The Surface Pro 3 is only 0.35mm thick.

It’s thinner than a laptop, but it feels great to hold.

And while it’s still quite a bit thinner than the Surface 15, the device feels like it’s built to last.

There are no USB Type-C ports on the Surface, which means you won’t be able to use a Thunderbolt 3 port on it.

That means it’s going to be very useful for USB-C docking, but you’ll need a Thunderbolt port on the desktop.

But the Surface 17 is the only Surface laptop that doesn’t use USB Type C, so it’s very useful when you’re trying to charge it from the wall.

It has a keyboard that’s much better than the MacBook Pro’s, with a trackpad and a keyboard on a stand that’s very comfortable to use.

The keyboard is pretty much identical to that on the MacBook.

You’ll be able use the keyboard on both of them, so there’s no reason why you’d want to go with the MacBook instead.

The display is bright, colourful, and has a nice viewing angle.

It works with the Surface Pen, but its the only option for this screen.

The camera is still a bit below the Surface’s level, but that’s because the Surface 13 has a bigger, more powerful camera.

It also has an integrated USB Type A port, so you can use the USB Type 3 ports on your Macbook.

If you want the best performance out of your Surface, you’ll want to pick the Surface Studio.

It does not have the Surface-like specs and doesn’t have the keyboard or trackpad.

But it’s got a much better battery life than the Pro, and it’s also a great value.

It is a convertible Surface.

It doesn’t support any of the new keyboard and trackpad options, but if you buy the Surface C and Surface Pro together, you can buy a convertible version.

The Pro and Pro Duo are both convertible, and the Pro 15 is also convertible.

So it’s not the cheapest convertible laptop on the market, but when it comes to performance, it has the best overall performance.

The base model of the Surface 10 costs $1,899, and you can get the Surface 12 Pro for $1 and the Surface Laptop for $999.

The Windows 10 Pro will start at $2,799, and that’s for a limited time only.

The only other convertible laptop Microsoft offers is the Surface PRO 15.

The device comes with a USB Type 1 port, but the only other USB Type 2 port is a Type C port.

You can buy an adapter to make the Type 2 ports work, but there’s not much more you can do with a Type 2 Type-A port.

The laptop also comes with Windows 10, but only if you use the Windows 10 Insider program, which is available on the Microsoft Store.

There’s no free trial for the Surface.

You need to pay a $69 activation fee and $39 in monthly service fees for the device to unlock it.

The Microsoft Store also sells a number of Surface laptops that are cheaper than the $1.99 Surface Studio, and there are a number that are more expensive than the original Surface Pro 15.

But Microsoft says it’s working on a Surface Pro 10 Pro that will be $2.99 cheaper.

The $1 price tag for the Pro 10 is actually a good price for a convertible.

But if you’re looking for a more expensive convertible, you might want to consider a Surface Book or Surface Pro 14 Pro instead.

It comes with one USB Type D port and one Type A, so if you want a port that’s compatible with both types of ports, you should consider the Surface 16 Pro.

The 16 Pro will cost $999, and its a little less expensive than a Surface Studio or Surface Studio 14 Pro, but at $999 it’s a bit more expensive.

The cost of the Pro 13 Pro and the 14 Pro is $1 less than the 15 Pro, so we’re looking at a slightly higher price tag.

The price of the 14 and 15 Pro is different for each model.

The 12 Pro comes with an integrated Intel Core i7 processor, and at $1 more than a 14

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