Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 reviewed: 10 tips for a more convenient and productive life

Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the company’s new flagship tablet, is the latest tablet to come under fire for its alleged battery problems, and it’s not the only one.The problem with Samsung’s tablets is they’re all sold by the billions.Samsung sells thousands of them, and if you’re going to sell billions of them you should be […]

HP Stream 13 laptop review

HP Stream 15 and 15D laptops are well-equipped for the streaming video business, but the 13-inch HP Stream laptops are more suited to the tablet business.They offer a range of tablet features like an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor and 2GB of RAM, as well as a 13-megapixel webcam and a 3,000mAh battery.The HP Stream models […]

What you need to know about SSDs and how to use them

By Brian BlauThe news of the SSD’s demise has been very slow to break through into the mainstream consumer consciousness.It has been an interesting ride in that regard, with SSDs seeing widespread adoption on both PC and mobile devices, as well as powering several popular consumer electronics products like smartphones, tablets, and even electric vehicles.With […]