How to fix your Mac Pro’s keyboard cover in 15 minutes

How to Fix Your Mac Pro Mac Pro laptop keyboard cover can be a pain to fix.But there’s a solution.It’s easy.It requires no tools.It comes with everything you need to get the job done.So if you’re a Mac Pro owner looking for a solution for the keyboard cover, this tutorial is for you.Read More: If […]

How to fix your laptop’s sticker problem

The problem of laptop stickers is no laughing matter.It’s been on everyone’s minds lately as the company that makes Dell laptops has been accused of stealing its logo from the popular Apple iPad logo.So far, Dell has not commented on the accusation.The issue has led to a variety of online petitions and even a lawsuit […]

Microsoft says it will stop selling 15 inch MacBooks and MacBook Pro laptops in the U.S.

Microsoft said Friday it will no longer sell laptops that feature a 15-inch screen and a thinner profile.The company said it will begin replacing 15- and 17-inch laptops with larger and thinner models.The decision was made after customers complained about the laptop’s performance, battery life and overall design, said Microsoft’s vice president of product management, […]