Walmart laptops with 16gb RAM, 1080p resolution for $1,097

By Jason Bickerton – Updated November 12, 2017 10:56:30As much as I like my Apple MacBook Pros, they are far too big for my needs.They are big, and I am used to that.It’s just not the best thing for my gaming laptop.The best gaming laptop is a smaller laptop with a lower price tag.But I […]

Dell XPS 15: Performance, battery life, SSD and storage upgrade

Dell has revealed a slew of new XPS laptops and a new ultrabook powered by the latest Intel HD 5100 chipset.The XPS line includes a 15-inch laptop, a 13-inch ultrabooks and a 12.5-inch notebook.The laptop-powered XPS 13 is powered by a 3,700mAh battery and will cost £1,499.Dell also announced the XPS 10 which has a […]

Acer laptop review: Razer Razer laptop with Intel Core i5-4200U, 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD, 128GB M.2 SSD, 1TB HDD and 1080p display review

Acer has been making big-name laptops with Intel-based chips for years now, but the company has yet to offer a flagship laptop with the kind of processor, graphics, and storage that you can find in the Razer laptop.Now Acer has taken the next step and released a laptop that is both a gaming laptop and […]