Razer Blade laptop review: Alienware’s gaming laptop looks like a piece of junk.

Alienware gaming laptops are known for their gaming prowess, and their Razer Blade laptops are no exception.They have a high-end gaming desktop experience that can rival any desktop gaming laptop you can find today.If you need a gaming laptop that doesn’t break the bank, then the Razer Blade is a fantastic option.The Alienware Blade gaming […]

Which NFL players are best-selling laptops?

The trendiest laptop on the market, the Razer Blade laptops for sale at Best Buy and Amazon, is the best selling laptop of the year.That’s according to Razer.com, which is owned by Razer Technologies.The company estimates that the Blade is the top selling laptop model of the entire year, beating out the Dell XPS 13.The […]