What is a Lenovo laptop repair?

With the introduction of the Lenovo Laptop Repair Kit, consumers will finally be able to repair and refurbish their own laptops.But before you can get started, you’ll need to know how the Lenovo Repair Kit works.How it worksThe Lenovo Repair kit consists of an assortment of diagnostic tools, including a battery replacement tool, a laptop […]

The best laptop on sale right now for a good price, 2016

Newegg has just added its best laptop list to the company’s website.The website has the best laptops available at its stores, including laptops from Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and others.This list, which is updated weekly, has the cheapest, best, and best deals for new laptops at all price points, as well as some of the […]

How to use the HP laptop as a laptop power bank

hp laptops are known for their compact form factor, which makes them ideal for everyday use.And with HP’s new laptop power banks, you can use them for almost everything.With a variety of different functions and capabilities to suit your needs, they’re a good choice for any user.But the battery life is one of the most […]