The new MacBook Pro 13-inch has the same design and specs as the 13-year-old model

The new 13-incher is the same size, but it looks very different.And that’s not a bad thing.The 13-in.laptop, with its 5.25-inch 1080p IPS touchscreen, weighs a lot less than the 13in.model, which now weighs in at 5.8 pounds.That makes it lighter and smaller, but also more power efficient.That’s good for users who want to move […]

Acer Launches $300 Google Chromebook for $299!

Google’s Chromebook has been one of the best-selling laptops in history.And while it’s certainly no longer the most popular, it’s still one of Google’s most popular devices.But its future looks brighter with Acer launching a brand new Chromebook, the Acer Chromebook R7.Acer announced the new Chromebook R-7 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas […]

Apple MacBook Charger Review: A Black & White Screen with a White LED Light

The iPhone 6s is Apple’s newest flagship phone.It is the flagship of a new iPhone line, and it will soon replace the iPhone 5s.The iPhone 7 will follow, and the new iPhone will feature the same hardware design, but it will be an all-new device, one that’s built around the OLED display.It’s a big deal, […]

How to Get a Black Screen for $15 on a Dell Inspiron 17 7000

By Now You’re Probably Using This Laptop Cover…But Why Would You?The Black Screen Cover is the cover you want if you’re using a laptop, not a computer, and it’ll look awesome on your screen.The cover looks like a standard glossy glossy cover with a black, glossy side.If you’ve got an old laptop, however, the glossy […]