Which Chromebook laptop is best?

A new study has found that Chromebooks are generally considered to be better value than comparable laptop systems.The study, conducted by the University of Pennsylvania and the University at Buffalo, looked at the “best laptops” offered by major manufacturers and found that there were more Chromebooks for $600-$800 than there were for the same price […]

When you need a battery for your laptop, Dell says you need an LG-made one

The Washington Post article Dell announced last month that it will begin selling a laptop battery in three new colors, LG’s LG-based ZR-2, LG-designed ZR4 and LG-branded ZR5.Dell will also begin selling the LG-built ZR6 in July.The battery will have a capacity of 20W and it’s available in four sizes, from 10W to 50W.Dell said […]