Dell XPS 15: Performance, battery life, SSD and storage upgrade

Dell has revealed a slew of new XPS laptops and a new ultrabook powered by the latest Intel HD 5100 chipset.The XPS line includes a 15-inch laptop, a 13-inch ultrabooks and a 12.5-inch notebook.The laptop-powered XPS 13 is powered by a 3,700mAh battery and will cost £1,499.Dell also announced the XPS 10 which has a […]

Why you should be worried about your 16.5-inch laptop getting hacked

Why should you take precautions to keep your laptop secure?That’s what experts have been asking as more and more laptops are getting hacked.The latest is a 16.4-inch MacBook Pro laptop that was hacked.More: Here are the best 16.9-inch laptops for 2016 article The hackers who stole the laptop reportedly used a program called Backdoor.It’s a […]