Microsoft unveils new Windows 10 PCs and tablets – AP

By PAUL B. LOPEZAssociated PressMicrosoft has unveiled a new lineup of Windows 10 desktop PCs and laptops, including a pair of $399 Core i7 processors, a $249 GeForce GTX 1080 and a $399 Microsoft Surface Pro 4 laptop.

In a blog post, Microsoft said the laptops are based on the company’s new Windows Core architecture and come with Windows 10’s new design language, the Metro UI.

The new Surface Pro family of Windows desktop PCs is powered by Intel’s Core i5 processor and Nvidia’s GTX 1080 graphics card.

Microsoft says the Surface Pro 5, which costs $499, is built for “high performance” gaming.

Microsoft said the Surface 3s and Surface Pro 3s are available in a variety of color options.

The Surface Pro and Surface 3 have “an extended battery life and more powerful graphics,” the company said, while the Surface Book and Surface Studio come with 8GB of RAM.

Microsoft also released a new set of gaming controllers that can connect to its Xbox Wireless controller.

The company said it will soon launch a new “virtual reality headset” called the Microsoft HoloLens.

Microsoft said that it will offer the HoloLens to developers and retail partners, who can create and sell content with the headset.

Microsoft says the HoloLens will “offer a unified interface for VR experiences,” which can be used by developers to create “game experiences that will be shared with the world.”

The company also announced a new way to use its Surface Pro gaming tablets: the Surface Mini 3 and Surface Mini 4.

Microsoft is also launching a new $129 Surface Book, which includes a Core i3 processor and 8GB RAM.

The Surface Pro 6, which is $199, comes with a Core m5 processor, 8GB DDR4 RAM and a 128GB SSD.

Microsoft plans to launch the Surface Studio and Surface Book with Windows Mixed Reality headsets in the coming months.

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