Microsoft CEO: Dell and Asus laptops are ‘good enough’ for work

The top tech executives from Microsoft and Dell are calling for better laptops for work.

Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella and Dell Chief Operating Officer Robert Gensler both released statements Thursday saying the Dell and Razer laptops are “good enough” for work and “work in a modern way.”

Both companies will make their laptops available for purchase through Amazon later this week.

Dell and Intel have been among the leaders in making laptops that are more durable, more customizable, and that can run Windows 10.

Dell’s Blade laptop will sell for $2,199 at

The Razer Blade 2, a $2.99 laptop that has a 2,560 x 1,800 screen, is also available for $1,299 at Amazon for $999 more than the Dell laptop.

Intel, meanwhile, announced a new $100 laptop that is designed to be used as a gaming machine and is being priced at $549 at Amazon, while the Blade 7 will go for $569 at Amazon and $699 at Dell.

Nadella said at an investor conference Thursday that the Dell laptops are not just better, they are better in many ways than competing products.

“They’re a great laptop, they’re a really good laptop for the work that you want to do,” he said.

“We’re excited to have them.”

Microsoft and Intel are the two companies most closely associated with Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console, which has seen its sales drop significantly since it was launched in 2009.

Dell has also been struggling with its laptop business, which is now dominated by the Razer Blade laptop. 

“When you look at the Razer laptop, it’s a really interesting piece of technology,” Nadellas statement read.

“But it’s not a new piece of tech.

When you think about the number of people who use our products, the number that are using them to run Windows, we have to be very careful with how we are using the Razer laptops.”