Lenovo laptop says it will keep ‘smart’ screens as part of ‘smart home’ solution

LONDON (AP) Lenovo’s laptop maker said it would keep “smart” screens as a part of its “smart home” solution.

The company said in a statement that “smart panels” would be integrated into “smart doors,” adding that they would help prevent accidents while maintaining the “smell and feel of your home” and helping “keep your home safe.”

The statement came after a spate of deaths at luxury homes by people who slipped into their beds without the proper protective equipment.

It was the latest setback for the company as it faces mounting competition from Apple and Samsung and struggles to win customers back from a surge in Chinese imports.

Laptop makers have been increasingly looking at their own products and the ways in which they can better compete with Apple and Google.

Lenovo is no longer the only Chinese company that has tried to sell its laptops in the U.S.

The U.K.-based Lenovo, based in China, has struggled to find an audience in the West and its products have often been overshadowed by Apple’s and Google’s devices.

It has also been struggling to win back customers who bought laptops from other manufacturers or resellers who did not want to pay more than $500.

The Lenovo laptop is priced from $2,899 to $3,499, with an annual contract that can be extended for up to seven years.