How to use your laptop charger as a USB-C port for your TV, games, or other devices

The USB-Tether is one of the best devices you can buy right now, and it is designed specifically to connect to your TV or other home entertainment devices like a Blu-ray player.

The device attaches to the wall using a proprietary cable and plug.

If you want to use it as a TV remote, it can do so, but you’ll need a different cable.

In other words, it’s not a universal device like the Xbox or Amazon Fire TV.

And the device itself can’t be used to plug in a TV or any other device, like an Xbox One or PS4 console.

But it can be used as a cable for any kind of HDMI-connected device.

That includes games consoles, Blu-rays, gaming PCs, game consoles with built-in cameras, Blu