How to upgrade your Alienware 17 laptop with the Alienware 13 13 tablet and tablet combo

Dell laptops can be pricey, but it’s only a matter of time before you’re able to upgrade from an Alienware laptop to an Alien.

The Alienware 15 series is the only laptop in the Alienis lineup that’s actually supported by a tablet dock, and now the company has announced an updated version of the 13in laptop.

The Alienware 16 laptop was announced back in October as the company’s first tablet-only laptop, and it’s a decent enough package, although you’re unlikely to find the Alien 14 on the market.

However, Dell has updated its 15in Alienware to include an Alien 13 tablet dock.

You can grab the Alien 13 in either 16GB or 64GB configurations, which means you’ll be able to run both Windows and Ubuntu.

The Dell Alienware 14 is currently listed on Dell’s website for $1,299, but you can buy the 16in model for $2,299.

Both versions have a 15.6-inch screen and an Intel Core i7-7100U processor.

It’s the same processor found in the 13 and 15 laptops, but with a higher-resolution display, which should allow for more immersive viewing and more immersive gaming.

The company says the Alien13 tablet dock will be available in November for $399, but that’s only for the 16-inch model, which has a 13.3-inch display.

Dell has a long list of compatible Dell laptops in the lineup, so you should be able find one to fit your needs.