How to get the best price on the best laptop support

Dell has finally revealed the price of its new laptop stand.

The stand is available now at and, and it’s currently priced at $1,499.99.

Dell has previously confirmed that the stand will come with two versions: one with two rows of monitors, and one with one row of monitors.

There’s also a third row, which is also available now, with two monitors.

The Dell laptop stand is the company’s first attempt at making laptop-related accessories available for its high-end laptop line.

The Dell laptop stands were initially limited to the company-branded HP Pavilion Pro and Dell Inspiron X3 laptops.

Dell had originally planned to offer the Dell laptop-stand accessory in a separate price range, but the company said in March that it had to delay that.

Dell said that the new Dell laptopstand is available at $799.99, $1.99 less than the previous Dell laptop line, the Inspiron 13 7000.