How to fix your Mac Pro’s keyboard cover in 15 minutes

How to Fix Your Mac Pro Mac Pro laptop keyboard cover can be a pain to fix.

But there’s a solution.

It’s easy.

It requires no tools.

It comes with everything you need to get the job done.

So if you’re a Mac Pro owner looking for a solution for the keyboard cover, this tutorial is for you.

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The Mac Pro keyboard cover is made from a tough and durable plastic.

You’ll need a keyboard cover that’s as thin as 1.8mm and as thick as 5.8 mm.

To put that into perspective, a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and even the MacBook Pro with Retina Display are thinner than a MacBook Pro.

This keyboard cover will do the trick.

We’ve already covered how to remove the keyboard and cover, so let’s get into how to fix the problem.1.

Remove the keyboard Cover.

You’ll need to cut a hole in the bottom of the Mac, and remove the hinge that holds the keyboard on the Mac.


Remove Mac Pro Keycap.

If the Mac keyboard cover has a keycap, remove the keycap to get at the keyboard.


Remove Cover.

Remove this Mac Pro cover, which is the only part that needs to be removed.


Replace Keyboard Cover.

Replace the keyboard with a new one.


Remove Keycap Cover.

You can find a Mac keyboard and mouse cover on Amazon.

Here’s a link to Mac Pro Accessories for the Mac: