How to choose the best affordable laptops

When it comes to laptop accessories, the Asus Chromebook 2 has been a hit.

Now Asus has extended its appeal with the latest Asus Chromebook, which is now available in both 16GB and 64GB capacities.

In a bid to improve its battery life, Asus is now offering the Chromebook 2 with an additional 8 hours of battery life on its 16GB model.

With the 64GB model, the laptop offers an additional 12 hours of runtime, or up to 8 hours longer than its 16G model.

This extra battery life comes at a cost, however, as the laptop comes with an overcharge protection feature that can be activated by either removing the battery or swapping it in for another device.

The Asus Chromebooks 16GB version is currently available for pre-order, but Asus will be releasing a 32GB version on September 15th.

As always, if you’re interested in a pre-production model of the Asus laptop, the price is expected to be $249.99.

Asus Chromebook 8 and Asus Chromebook 16 are currently also available for purchase.