Dell XPS 15: Performance, battery life, SSD and storage upgrade

Dell has revealed a slew of new XPS laptops and a new ultrabook powered by the latest Intel HD 5100 chipset.

The XPS line includes a 15-inch laptop, a 13-inch ultrabooks and a 12.5-inch notebook.

The laptop-powered XPS 13 is powered by a 3,700mAh battery and will cost £1,499.

Dell also announced the XPS 10 which has a 2,300mAh battery.

Dell will also be releasing the X-series ultraboxes which feature a 1,200mAh battery, an Intel Core i7-5960X CPU, 16GB of RAM and Nvidia Quadro M5000 graphics.

The Dell X-Series ultrabucksl will be released on September 21, and is expected to launch in September of next year.