Biden on Intel, Intel-focused companies: ‘We’ve got to make sure we’ve got the right people in the right place’

The White House is in the midst of a major transition in its cybersecurity strategy, and the president has been working with a group of corporate leaders on how to deliver on that agenda.

The Biden administration has a clear goal to improve cybersecurity, but that won’t happen without the help of industry, White House officials say.

Biden is leading the White House’s Cybersecurity Task Force that includes technology companies, cybersecurity experts, and industry executives.

The goal is to create a Cybersecurity Council and an advisory panel that will help identify the priorities, the administration officials said.

The task force will focus on “strengthening and improving the capabilities of the nation’s cybersecurity capabilities,” they added.

Biden’s administration has been moving forward on this initiative, and a cybersecurity panel has been formed to help shape it.

That panel will include representatives from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Homeland Security, the National Security Agency and others, and it will be chaired by a White House appointee, Biden spokesman David Lapan said.

Lapan said the group will also “coordinate the administration’s cybersecurity efforts with industry, including cybersecurity firms, in a deliberate and deliberate way.”

It’s clear Biden is moving forward with his Cybersecurity task force, he added.

“The White House has a plan for the future of cybersecurity and we’re going to keep it together and work together with the industry to bring the greatest benefits to Americans,” Lapan told reporters.