Apple MacBook 2020 review: A new breed of desktop computer

Apple’s MacBook Pro 10.5″ is a big departure for the company, and the laptop that the company has been hyping up for quite some time.

This new machine comes in two models, the mid-sized 15″ and the 13″ models.

The MacBook Pro models have a new look, with a new lid design, and a metal case that’s a tad thicker than the aluminum one that came before.

It’s got the same 10.6-inch screen resolution as the 13-inch MacBook Pro, but Apple has changed the font and color scheme a bit.

The new lid is also a bit thicker and more squared-off than before, and that metal case has a bit more thickness than before.

All of this makes for a better laptop than before if you ask me.

The price is the same as before, too, at $1,799 for the 15″ model and $1.99 for the 13.9-inch model.

That means that this is a pretty good laptop for the money, and it’s certainly worth the extra $300.

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